40% Pinot Meunier

30% Pinot Noir

30% Chardonnay



Remy Cabaret Brut Grande Reserve
Remy Cabaret Brut Grande Reserve

Tasting Notes


A persistent mousse and fine, delicate bubbles, testimony to great finesse and the superior quality of our Remy Cabaret Brut Champagne.


Intensely fruity, revealing aromas of peach, apricot and poached pear, enveloped in an elegant freshness.


An explosion of aromatic flavours, carried by a refined effervescence. The palate is caressed by a beautiful aromatic palette of yellow-fleshed fruits and citrus, offering a rich and harmoniously balanced taste experience.

Our Champagne

Remy Cabaret is the quintessence of our passion and dedication to excellence. This blend, a harmonious ballet of 30% Pinot Noir, 30% Chardonnay and 40% Pinot Meunier, is a tribute to the diversity and richness of our terroirs. Each variety brings its distinctive note, contributing to a symphony of flavours that celebrates complexity and elegance.

Our savoir-faire

For 36 months, our bottles are aged in the privacy of our chalk cellars, away from the light, where they slowly develop their unique character. This maturation is essential to achieve perfect homogeneity and ensure that each tasting is an unforgettable experience, offering the same refined pleasure in every drop.

Champagne Remy Cabaret, an ode to life

Champagne Remy Cabaret Brut embodies a unique taste experience, positioning itself as the ideal companion for festive moments. Its raw and authentic nature immerses us in the very essence of its origin, evoking the purity and truth of an artistic performance on stage. This champagne is the fruit of a passionate quest for excellence, recalling the ambition of a cabaret artist in search of the ultimate show.