Our History

Remy Cabaret and the expertise of generations

In the heart of exceptional vineyards, Champagne Remy Cabaret stands as a living tribute to finesse and tradition. Our champagne is the heir to an ancestral savoir-faire, a wealth passed down with passion and dedication from generation to generation. This transmission of knowledge is the cornerstone of our identity, celebrating the art of winemaking in all its splendour.

Nuestro compromiso con la excelencia se refuerza mediante una estrecha colaboración con apasionados viticultores de la región de Champagne
Nuestro champagne y el savoir-faire de generaciones

The commitment of Champagne Remy Cabaret

Our commitment to excellence is reinforced by close collaboration with passionate Champagne winemakers, all dedicated to preserving a savoir-faire that harmoniously balances generations of traditional methodologies and innovation. This approach, akin to a cabaret show that fuses tradition and modernity, makes our champagne a timeless and contemporary experience.

"Remy Cabaret is a delight for the present moment and a promise for the future, with each bottle an invitation to celebrate the precious moments of today and tomorrow."

The ageing of our champagne is conceived as the preparation of a meticulously orchestrated show. In the calm and darkness of our chalk cellars, our bottles rest for 36 months, a patient process that allows them to develop remarkable complexity and depth.

This resting period ensures exceptional homogeneity and quality, promising constant refined pleasure with each tasting. Remy Cabaret and the savoir-faire of generations can be appreciated in every bottle.